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11/23/2022 12:43:31 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

Reading, watching and/or listening to the news is enough to bring a person to tears. Shootings in Virginia and Colorado, college students murdered in Idaho, and a double bombing in Jerusalem is just the peak of the mountain of awfulness in the news at this time. There’s just so much hurt and pain and sadness. When moments like this happen, it becomes hard to see the light through the darkness. When times like this occur, it just feels like...Read more...

Parshat Chaye Sarah

11/21/2022 09:38:08 AM


Rabbi Hearshen

The first time I received a call about a funeral was my first year as a rabbi. As the assistant rabbi the expectation was that I would officiate funerals for non-members and whenever the senior rabbi was out of town or otherwise unavailable.  I still remember the name, Alice Kiksman, who had died at the Summit assisted living facility. The funeral home informed me that she had no family that was living and that the person in charge was...Read more...

Parshat VaYera

11/10/2022 04:29:23 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

On April 20, 1996, I began a lifelong observance I had never considered until that day. I was in Warsaw, Poland and it was Shabbat. We were touring the remnants of the Warsaw Ghetto when our group was harassed by a group of Neo-Nazis. They yelled at us and tried to get ahold of us, but our security was able to protect us and get us back to the hotel. That day, April 20, was a day of celebration for those with malice and hate in their hearts...Read more...

November 3, 2022

11/03/2022 04:47:16 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

“God said to Avram go to yourself from your land, the place of your birth, the house of your father.” Those are the famous opening words of this weeks פרשה and of the relationship between Avram (eventually Avraham) and God. It’s the beginning of the relationship of our people with the Land of Israel. It was the Land God promised to Avram and his descendants. Our stay in Israel lasts nearly the entirety of the remainder of the book...Read more...

October 27, 2022

10/27/2022 04:16:37 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

The story of Noah’s Ark has been turned into a children’s story for quite some time. We’ve decorated kid’s rooms with the Noah’s Ark motif and we have toys for them to play with. We imagine the entire episode through the eyes of the floating zoo. We think about the enormous amount of work Noah and his family had to do to keep the ark clean and the animals fed. We think about the ark floating on the water for days and days until it...Read more...

Tue, November 29 2022 5 Kislev 5783