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Updated Shabbat Morning Service Attendance Policy

As we continue to monitor and adjust to COVID conditions in Atlanta, we are no longer requiring
pre-registration for weekly Shabbat morning services
. Please know we will continue to have limited capacity and will post signup sheets from time to time when we anticipate increased demand.

All other Building Entrance Guidelines remain in place, including mask wearing and social distancing. 

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OVS Building Entrance Guidelines - Effective Feb. 18, 2021

As we continue to navigate operating under the cloud of COVID, it’s important each employee, volunteer, and guest, feels safe in conducting business and attending programming and events here at Or VeShalom (OVS).  To keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, please review the updated guidelines below. Note that OVS reserves the right to modify any policy to reflect changes in protocols as determined by updated guidance from the CDC and local health authorities as we continue to navigate the situation.

Daily staff health check screening

All staff members should check their temperature each morning prior to coming into work. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, or exhibit respiratory symptoms, including cough or shortness of breath, DO NOT come in. Notify the Executive Director immediately.

Visitor and delivery person health check screening

All members, visitors, and delivery persons must be screened prior to entrance. This means that if someone buzzes at one of the doors, a staff member will greet them at the door and take their temperature.

Persons who have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, or exhibit respiratory symptoms, including cough or shortness of breath, will not be admitted to the facility.

Any individual who remains in the building for 15 minutes or more should be entered into the OVS Visitor Log.

Anyone who does not feel well should NOT enter the building, If you have a fever, you must stay home.

Mask Wearing

Everyone 3 years of age and older is required to wear a mask when they are on the OVS property. Each employee will be expected to have their own masks that they use for daily life, but OVS has a supply of masks on hand for people who forget them or for visitors who did not bring one with them. We also have supplies of wipes and hand sanitizer on hand. Masks must be worn at all times while within the building when two of more people are in the same room.  Any visitor who refuses to wear a mask will be asked to leave the OVS property.


Bathrooms at OVS are single-use only, with a “vacant/occupied” slider on the front of the door. Hand sanitizer stations have been placed immediately outside the bathrooms to use before and after using the bathroom and touching the sink, door, etc.

Protocols for someone who is sick/possible COVID-19 exposure/ Positive COVID-19 Test

  1. If someone becomes ill and is not diagnosed with COVID-19, they may return to the building after they have been fever and symptom free, without the use of medications, for a continuous 72-hour period.
  2. If anyone has a known exposure to a person with COVID-19 (Close Contact - Someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period* starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated), they will be informed by both a phone call and in writing by OVS. Close contacts of an infected individual will then be required to self-isolate and barred from the OVS campus for a minimum of 7 days after a COVID test returning with a negative result taken on day 5 or later of exposure, or 10 days after the exposure with no symptoms having developed.
  3. If someone becomes ill and tests POSITIVE for COVID-19, they must inform the Executive Director IMMEDIATELY and both the infected individual and OVS will follow all CDC guidelines including quarantining and contact tracing. The infected person and members of their household may not return to OVS until they have self-isolated for a minimum of 10 days without a COVID test or 7 days after a negative COVID test taken on day 5 or later from the time of exposure and at least 3 days of improving symptoms and no fever without medications.  Close contacts of an infected person may return as listed above (see #2).
  4. Please notify the OVS office of known exposures, so that we can update any close contacts to quarantine.

Increased Cleaning

All bathroom surfaces and door handles will be wiped down daily. The building will be fogged weekly, and following any use of the sanctuary, social hall, or lobby. In the event of a positive COVID case inside the building, the building will be fogged prior to reopening.

This is an amendable document that will change and grow based on changes and updates to CDC, State, and Local Heath Authority guidelines.

Thoughts from OVS Leadership

Rabbi's D'vrei Torah

Parashat Behar-Bechukotai

Thursday, May 6 12:17pm

Lag B'Omer

Thursday, Apr 29 4:15pm

Parashat Achare-Kedoshim

Thursday, Apr 22 3:28pm


Security Fund Update

Thank you to those who have answered the call to donate to the OVS Security Fund. If you have not already, please click here to make your pledge. With your help, we will continue to improve our building to ensure the safety of our community.

OVS Featured in NY Times Article by Joan Nathan

In her New York Times article on Monday, November 26, Joan Nathan highlights OVS Sisterhood's long-standing tradition of Bureka Tuesdays. Join us this upcoming Sunday for our annual Hanukkah Bazaar and try a Bureka for yourself. 

OVS Founders Map Project

We are happy to announce that the OVS History Committee has concluded its two-year project of identifying, on an Atlanta city map, early OVS members’ residences and businesses located on Atlanta’s Southside. To learn more and find out how to purchase a copy of the map, click here.

You are invited to examine the map reproduced on glossy photographic paper and the accompanying booklet. 

OVS Strategic Plan

As an outcome of the 2017 annual meeting, the OVS board launched a formal initiative to better understand the needs of our Keilah, the results of which were presented at the 2018 annual meeting on Sunday, December 9th, OVS members can see results of the report by logging in to their account on this site and then clicking on this link.

Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781