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Shabbat Shekalim

02/16/2023 12:26:02 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

Each year prior to Pesach, we have four special Shabbats each named for their special maftir readings. The first of the four is this Shabbat and it’s called Shekalim. The reading recalls the practice of a mandatory yearly tax of half a shekel for each adult male. This served two purposes: to raise funds for the Temple and to attain a census of the people. As always, we are called upon to dig deeper and examine the text more closely. In this...Read more...

Parshat Yitro

02/09/2023 04:42:18 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

To begin with, I would like to thank all of you for your concern and well wishes this past week. I’m much more familiar with the rabbinic side of grief and funerals and mourning rituals than I am as a person being consoled. I’m naturally the consoler and not the consoled. Thank you to one and all who have reached out and to all of you who helped by attending services these past few nights to enable my dad to say Kaddish. We truly are...Read more...

Parshat B'Shalach

02/02/2023 10:03:17 AM


Rabbi Hearshen

Theology and philosophy are tricky subjects to teach and learn. We live very physical lives and demand to see evidence rather than accepting things on faith. This issue is exasperated by our adherence to the law of consistency. We demand consistency for the simple fact that, in almost all areas of life, consistency is necessary. But when it comes to theology and philosophy, strict adherence to a black and white consistency handcuffs the...Read more...

January 26, 2023

01/26/2023 05:08:23 PM


Rabbi Hearshen

We just returned from a wonderful family vacation. We haven’t had a real vacation since well before 2019. While we spend our summers at camp, it’s more of a change of scenery than a vacation. This was a real one. We went on a Disney Cruise and it was incredible. After the cruise ended, we spent the weekend at a resort in Orlando as we didn’t have enough time to make it back here in time for Shabbat. Friday afternoon, as we were walking...Read more...

Parshat Vaera

01/19/2023 11:53:49 AM


Hilary Druckman

I’m embarrassed to admit I went through a rebellious phase as a teenager. Now, it wasn’t very obvious. I was still a teacher’s pet and rule follower. In school, at track practice, or out with friends, I had an overall kind and patient demeanor. This all lasted until I got home. My parents will attest to the fact that once I was alone with them, “kind and patient” could not be further from the truth. And looking back, I can see I was...Read more...

Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783