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Spanish Citizenship Through OVS

Due to the influx of applications from 2019, we are not accepting new applications at this time. For questions about current applications, please email

Gain Your Spanish Citizenship Through OVS

(NOTE: Due to the High Volume of Applications, Certification is taking 4-6 weeks turn-around time).

Do you have Sephardic (Spanish Jewish) heritage? Are you interested in acquiring Spanish citizenship?  

If so, Or VeShalom can guide you through this process. Please note that the program ends on October 1, 2019, so it’s best to get started right away.

In order for OVS to certify you, we would need to be provided with the following documentation:

• Documentation showing which Sephardic community your ancestor emigrated from  (i.e. immigration papers from Ellis Island or a birth certificate from said country of origin)

• Birth certificates, or other comparable documentation that would show that said person in #1 is the parent of X who is the parent of Y and so on and so forth until you, the applicant.

• If you are not Jewish, and trace your lineage through crypto-Jews (conversos, anusim, etc.), you can contact a genealogist and have them research your family's history. If they come back with a full genealogical report and attest to your Sephardic heritage, we are allowed to accept the report as proof of Sephardic heritage in lieu of direct documentation. Please contact us at for a list of recommended genealogists for your area.

Once you have the documentation gathered, you should proceed as follows:

Fill out the certificate application form here.

(NOTE: Due to the High Volume of Applications, Certification is taking approximately 8 weeks turn-around time).

The $36 application fee can either be mailed to OVS by check or paid via ACH or with a credit card via our donation page (IF Paying with a US Credit Card) on the website to "Sephardic Origin Certificate", noting that it is in honor of"Application fee for NAME OF PRIMARY APPLICANT". Note that all credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee.

If you are applying and paying from outside the US, please make all payments via PayPal to HERE.

Please email (as PDFS)  a copy of the information page of your passport along with copies of the supporting documentation you have (birth certificates, immigration records, death records, etc.) that prove your link to Spain/Sephardic heritage to

Once your case is reviewed,  we will email you our approval along with an invoice for your $180 processing fee. The certificates from OVS come translated to Spanish and apostilled for Spain.

Learn More

On March 19, 2017 and April 22, 2018, Luis Portero, an attorney licensed to practice in Spain and counsel for the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain during the parliamentary process of approval of the Law on granting the Spanish citizenship to Sephardim joined the Sephardic community of Atlanta at OVS to discuss the steps involved in applying  for Spanish Citizenship through this program. He discussed the process of getting the law enacted, of which he was a major contributor. A copy of his presentation, including a detailed walkthrough of the process, can be found here.

Click  here for guidance on how to obtain your FBI background check as part of your application for Spanish Citizenship.

Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781