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A message from OVS President Michael Bouhadana

11/07/2019 03:39:06 PM


Michael Bouhadana

After a long stretch of holidays, you would think that we would need a break from celebration- but not at OVS! We had the honor last Shabbat of joining the Sandel/Aaron family and the Badalbayev family in celebrating their children's birthdays: the families went all out with beautiful decorations and a delicious kiddush. I’d like to thank the Sandel/Aaron family and the Badalbayev family for including the congregation in their simcha, and encourage others to consider doing the same. Please contact the OVS office if you would like to sponsor kiddush in honor of a simcha.

The celebrating will continue shortly, as we have the annual OVS Sisterhood Hanukkah Bazaar coming in early December. This is an event beloved not only by OVS members, but the entire Atlanta Jewish community. Please come for delicious food, unique gifts, and - my favorite - the book sale.

Amid all this festivity, I’d like to remind you all that Rabbi Kassorla offers various learning opportunities during services, so please come to learn with Rabbi, friends, and family.

Shabbat Shalom,
Michael Bouhadana


Congregation Or VeShalom

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782