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A message from OVS President Michael Bouhadana

06/13/2019 03:13:06 PM


The skies are finally clearing in Atlanta, and it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead; perfect for Father’s Day.

We will be honoring the fathers in our OVS congregation and in our lives, with a special Kiddush after Shabbat services. Father’s Day happens to be well-timed with this week’s Torah portion, which features the Priestly Blessing. This passage is said by the Kohanim to bless each individual person on G-d’s behalf. We certainly hope for all the fathers in our lives to be blessed, protected, and to be at peace -
just as the blessing suggests.


I hope that all of the fathers in our congregation are able to join us on Shabbat, so that we can celebrate this special occasion together. I know that I will be reflecting on my father (z"l), and how blessed I am to be a father myself.

Shabbat Shalom,



Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782