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A message from OVS President Michael Bouhadana

02/14/2019 05:00:54 PM


Michael Bouhadana

As many of you know, at the December 2017 General Meeting, the membership of congregation Or Ve’ Shalom voted on a motion to extend Rabbi Kassorla’s contract through June, 2020.  The motion also stipulated that Rabbi Kassorla would begin his sabbatical on January 1, 2020, with a search being conducted for a new rabbi.
I understand that many of our members were saddened to learn that Rabbi Kassorla would be moving on from our congregation, and I personally can relate to their feelings of loss.  Rabbi Kassorla is such a good man, and an amazing teacher.  He has forever changed my life, and encouraged me to continue to grow in my faith and observance.  We have all learned so much from Rabbi Kassorla, and I know that his leadership will have a lasting impact on our lives and our desire to learn.
The OVS board took the results of the December 2017 General Meeting very seriously, and engaged a consultant to ensure that the process in determining our next steps would be unbiased and efficient. We formed two committees, the Future of OVS Committee and the Rabbinic Search Committee, which were composed of a diverse group of both longtime and newer members.
The Future of OVS Committee helped to create a survey in order to acquire demographic data, as well as to gain a better idea of what our members expect from OVS and synagogue leadership.  This data (a summary was shared at the December 2018 General Meeting) helped the Future OVS Committee to develop a strategic plan, and is also helping guide the Rabbinic Search Committee.
The Rabbinic Search Committee, chaired by Bryan Lavine, has been meeting regularly over the past few months, to go over our strategic plan and determine what kind of leader will be best for our diverse membership. These discussions led to the creation of a job description, which will soon be posted publicly.  The Rabbinic Search Committee is confident that this job description adequately describes our congregation, as well as meet expectations learned from our survey and town hall meetings. The Committee hopes to provide further updates as the search process progresses.
I’d like to thank the congregation for their patience and understanding,and Rabbi Kassorla for his 15 years of leadership. 

Shabbat Shalom,


Thu, August 6 2020 16 Av 5780