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A message from OVS President Michael Bouhadana

10/18/2018 05:00:10 PM


Michael Bouhadana

I am always so encouraged when I see children attending, participating in- and enjoying - Shabbat services. I am not alone; many people have commented on how wonderful it is to see children so welcomed in our sanctuary. Children are the future of our community, and we need to make sure that they feel at home
in our congregation.
Please continue to bring your children to Shabbat services and community events. Rabbi always ensures that the children are included - 
and usually has a treat for them as well.
Our next Congregational Shabbat Dinner is planned for Friday, October 26th. Please RSVP if you have not done so already.  If you are bringing your children - and we hope that you will - please let us know, so that we can plan an activity.
Shabbat Shalom,

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781