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A message from OVS President Michael Bouhadana

06/28/2018 05:00:24 PM


Michael Bouhadana

Can you recall the name of Atlanta’s mayor in 1988? If not, those who volunteered with our OVS history committee this past Sunday have the answer. Our volunteers sorted through the decades-old archives of Congregation Or VeShalom. Among the many discoveries, they found an oil painting of Rabbi Cohen, a number of Egyptian issues of the magazine, “La Vara,” published between 1905 and 1908, as well as French magazines in Ladino from 1901, and pictures of
founding family members.  
We are a strong 105-year-old congregation. We continue to learn from our past and move forward to an even stronger future. The OVS board decided to launch a formal initiative to better understand the needs of our Kehila - We recently formed the “Future of OVS Committee”.  It is our hope that this process will define the priorities for OVS, enabling us to determine the religious leadership and support staff needed to ensure future growth and engagement. It is essential that our synagogue leadership stay connected to the needs and desires of our congregation as a whole. We ask for 100% of our members to participate in a survey to be distributed in the next few weeks; we hope you take this opportunity to express your voice in building our future. We anticipate conclusions to be presented to the congregation at the December 2018 General Meeting. 
Last Sunday, our volunteers also found a letter from 1988 written by Mayor Andrew Young, on behalf of the City of Atlanta, congratulating Congregation Or VeShalom on its 75th anniversary. As we look forward to 125 years, now is the time to increase your engagement in the OVS community. Come to services, volunteer for events, and join the effort to build our future for you and
for our next generation B’H’.

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781