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D'var Torah - Parshat Tzav, Shabbat Hagadol

03/22/2018 05:05:00 PM


Rabbi Kassorla

The Perasha this week is Perashat Tzav which speaks about various sacrifices offered by the Israelites in the desert during their 40 year sojourn on the way to The Holy Land.

One sacrifice which stands out is the Korban Todah, the thanksgiving offering. Very simply, if someone wanted to thank the Almighty for a kindness, then a gift offering was brought to the Kohen who then shared it with others. This is the classic case of "paying it forward" that is prevalent today in some circles. Paying it forward is the title of a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde in which she observes that paying back has a negative connotation, but paying it forward enables many others to share in the joy of giving.

For example, some of you have told me of paying for the next person in line at a coffee shop, or when there were tolls on 400, to pay the toll of the next car. Why? Just because paying it forward is a beautiful concept.

This Shabbat is also called Shabbat Hagadol - the Great Shabbat - because of the special Haftara which is read from the Prophet Malachi in which he writes, "Behold, I send you Elijah the Prophet, before the great (Gadol) and awesome day. He shall restore the heart of the parents to children, and the heart of the children to their parents".

It is also customary to ask for Passover help for those in need. The JF&CS does a wonderful service in helping those in need this time of the year, but others still look for help. So please "pay it forward" with a contribution to The Rabbis Discretionary Fund at the Keilah and I'll personally see to it that it goes to deserving people.

Thanks from me, but thanks in the name of those who will enjoy a better Passover this year and beyond, because of you.

If you know anyone in need, please send them my way, and if you know someone who needs a place for the Seder, please let me know as well.

Shabbat Hagadol Shalom and Pessah Allegre!

Sat, March 23 2019 16 Adar II 5779